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Meet Our Professional Coaches and Trainers:

Dan Lingle – Current D National Coaching License.  Dan was awarded the Iowa Soccer Association Coach of the year in 2011.  Dan was one of the founders of the Muscatine Soccer Academy.  He is currently working with the u10 girls and u14 girls groups.

dan lingle


Kevin JuarezCurrent D Coaching License.  He also holds an AA Degree from Muscatine Community College.  Kevin has been playing soccer since the age of 5.  Playing experience includes at the club level, high school, and at the collegiate level.  Currently also plays in an adult soccer league.  Kevin has been coaching in the MSC since 2010.  Kevin is currently working with the u11 girls and the u9 boys groups.



Megan Randoll – Current currently holds an E Coaching License and has completed the instructional weekend for her D License.  Megan has been playing soccer since the age of 6.  She started coaching while in high school.  Former playing experience includes club, high school and adult leagues.  Megan is a level 8 referee for the state of Iowa.  Megan currently works with the 2002, 2003, and 2007 Girls as well as the 2003 Boys.  She also works with the MSA/World Cup Program where she truly enjoys spending her time developing the youngest players.




 Oreo Padilla – He is currently working to get his D license. He has played soccer since the age of 7. He is currently working with U9 boys, U13 and U14 boys.






Pascual Magana

Nate Meineke

Ozzy Carrillo

Edgar Arceo



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The MSC is currently looking for coaches for youth club teams. Please contact Megan Randoll at 563-262-9631 if interested.


Player development is most important at the MSC. Winning and losing are important at a competitive club, but they should never overshadow the primary purpose of a soccer club, which is to develop the total soccer player. It is important to realize the difference between short term wins and long term victories.

Player development begins with a strong technical foundation in passing, receiving, dribbling, and shooting. The best way to improve one’s technical ability is through repetition, which is why our coaches plan their practice session to maximize touches on the ball for each player. Long lines, standing around, is a waste of time and makes every good soccer coach cringe. As the practice progresses, the pressure on the players is increased and the situation they find themselves is more and more game like. The end of practice usually contains a short-sided directional game (4v4 or 6v6).

Once players have good ability with the ball, then we start to focus on decision making, offensive and defensive shape, and team tactics. Offensively, MSC coaches encourage a creative, possession style game as opposed to the popular direct ball approach. This style of play will enable MSC players to have the tools to play at a higher level and be able to enjoy the game much more. If you want an example of possession soccer watch Barcelona FC play and count the number of passes they string together each time they gain possession. Defensively, MSC coaches emphasize team defense with strong defensive shape. The players learn the difference between pressure, cover, and balance and the responsibilities of the first, second, and third defenders.

Every coach is committed to providing a higher level of coaching and expertise to the youth players in the Muscatine area.


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