Muscatine Soccer Club

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Muscatine Soccer Club Mission

The Muscatine Soccer Club (MSC) is a nonprofit, volunteer organization established to develop and promote the sport of soccer in Muscatine and the surrounding area. The club provides an organization through which youth can participate in soccer at a competitive level and develop skills, character, teamwork, and sportsmanship through structured and challenging competition.

Muscatine Soccer Academy & World Cup League – Non Traveling/Recreational League

The Academy is a great place to start.  Muscatine Soccer Academy (MSA)’s mission is to focus completely on the development of our newest and youngest players in a FUNdamental environment.  For all young players born between 2013-2015, the Academy is an awesome opportunity for basic skills to be introduced in a fun, friendly, and positive environment ensuring that all players learn to love the game of soccer.  Academy is offered in 6 week sessions three times during the year – Fall and Spring.

The World Cup League is the next step for those born between 2005 – 2013.  It is designed to continue the developmental and fun atmosphere while offering 6 weeks of small-sided team oriented games as well as one night per week of skills practice with our professional coaches.

Muscatine Soccer Club – Traveling Teams

For all young players born in or before 2008, the Muscatine Soccer Club offers both boys and girls teams at each age level. Every team is trained by a professionally paid and licensed coach along with our loyal volunteer coaches, managers and support staff.  Until your player reaches the U11 group, all players are accepted and the focus remains developmental in a more advanced and game-time structure while still focusing on the fun part of the great game of soccer.  Once players reach U11, the club continues to foster the joy of soccer, but the level of play becomes more challenging and competitive.   Traveling team seasons are August – November and March – June.  It is a one-year commitment when joining a team.